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    We are using BBPress 3.2. WordPress wants me to upgrade to BBPress 4.1. This is probably going to break a bunch of stuff. I’m going to do it and pick up all the shattered pieces it makes as I find them. I don’t intend to do it today though. Up until now, BBPress has been moving forward in the build numbers but, wordpress has never asked me to upgrade. Now that it is asking me to upgrade I’m thinking I probably should. Maybe we’ll get some new features that eliminate the need for some plug-ins. Maybe y’all will finally get post order options. I haven’t checked the change logs to see what BBP4.1 has to offer.

    Anyway, if things get all fucked up around here, they’ll be unfucked up as fast as I can make it that way (which is probably pretty fast). I know I should put my site in maintenance mode ~ maybe clone the site locally and make the upgrades, to see how much will get fucked up. I give no fucks. Whatever happens can be fixed and I’m capable of fixing it. I’d rather start the war and win it anyway than go make practice wars, prime the battlefield and otherwise waste a lot of time. About the only “pro” thing I intend to do is make one full site backup before I hit the “explode” button. Maybe it wont be bad at all. I have no idea what to expect so, I’m assuming that 3.2 -> 4.1 is a big jump. I’m assuming all 3.2 plugins will fail on 4.1. I’m assuming 4.1 database has changed some since 3.2 and MAYBE things could get lost and/or we end up with a lot of null fields regarding everything that has already been posted before the new fields were available.

    I don’t have to assume that if any of those things are true I need to spend a bunch of time hunting for solutions. 1 solution may even end up being to restore the old site entirely and installing bbpress a different way (more manually). I’ve been down these roads before. Actually I am gonna google upgrading. If this comes down to a manual install I want to know before-hand. WordPress has an “update now” button that will do it automatically. It’s even in red, indicating “do this now”. How fucked up would it be if that was the worst possible thing for me to click?

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    I made all the upgrades and it didn’t seem to change anything. Also, I said one thing wrong. It wasn’t BBPress (the forum) that wanted to update, it was BuddyPress (our profiles).

    Our little site has received over 10,000 malicious attacks this month…lol. However, no attacks have succeeded. I guess just keep on trying, hackers. I applaud your resolve for continuous failure, fuckin losers.

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