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    As I’m in the UK I will probably be fast asleep when our American members get to midnight so this is just a quick note to wish all of the NextGenQuake members a very prosperous and happy new year. This little community has come a long way in the space of 12 months and we are still going strong. Just think where we could be at the end of 2019 if people keep contributing like they have so far this year.

    On a personal note I would just like to say a word of thanks to MG for all the effort he puts in behind the scenes to keep this site fresh, welcoming, spam free and generally a nice place to spend some free time. It really is appreciated.

    Kind regards


    Kind regards

    Mr. Burns
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    Happy New Year!

    I’ve made this just for the occasion. 😀


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    WOW! I don’t even know what to say to all that. Those are incredibly nice sentiments and I have known you long enough to know you mean them.

    Happy New Year! It will be just like last year but, with LOTS MORE OF ME! 😀 😀 😀 Pushing me down makes me rise up harder, no matter what I say at first. There’s this thing in me that initially in “non-threatening” but, miserable situations that says “fuck this nonsense” but, there is an even bigger, HUGE part of me that ultimately REFUSES to let people decide what I do. If people wanted to really get rid of me the way to do it is ignore me super hard and across the board so I ultimately decide everything is a waste of my time. Talking shit about me is like a “2 second win” followed by YEARS of “I will stand right here in your face just because you don’t want me to. I’m not going anywhere and you don’t have what it takes to make me.” I have to thank these people. They “broke” me but, not in the way they wish they would have. No matter what they say it can’t touch me anymore. Some switch went off in me and instead of taking this shit to heart, I don’t give a fuck. I’m going to get moving harder than ever being the most important source of misery in these peoples lives while simultaneously not paying them 1% of attention. I hope they go to sleep at night hating me even more. I hope they drag their miserable opinions and my name into every community they frequent. How does that really affect me? It doesn’t. It’s their never ending cry of powerlessness and all I have to do is exist to prove it. I’ll fill this forum from top to bottom with every stupid to excellent idea I have ever had, become the most important thing in their life and simultaneously not give them the time of day. Nobody is forcing them to be my slave. That is a decision they made all on their own.

    Do my bidding. Focus on me slaves. Give me your attention and power. Die with my name on your lips. I fucking OWN you. I’ve crawled in your brain and you can’t get me out. LOL! ::slaps knee:: I can just say “idea” and you reverse worship me like a good NPC. ::double middle fingers::

    ::A-Team Theme Song::


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    happy new year everyone!


    and yes i myself am really thankfull too for all the work MG has put into this site to provide us with a new friendly spam-free feature-rich site to go to after Q1’s sad tragic demise in the past.

    always working with us and eager to add any fancy features requested,
    and always listening and working together with the community.

    something that sadly cant be said for 99% of other site-owners.

    he even went ahead and tried his best to preserve anything important from Q1


    before i found NGQ, i had given up on the quake-community,
    and im really glad that thanks to MG its still very much alive <3

    and fuck those idiots who are stuck in their mindset where they dont even consider anything you do
    and just write of anything you do as shit and bad and want to think of you as the biggest asshole in existence.

    you’re rough around the edges and a no-bullshit kinda person, but thats a good thing, not a bad thing.
    fuck all those people who sugar-sprinkle everything and pretend everything is fine&dandy when its not.

    let them be jaded & grumpy and say whatever the fuck you want,
    we all know the opposite of what they say and think is true <3

    and its their loss that they wont even consider that perhaps, you’re actually an amazing guy


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    Happy new year, everyone!

    @ Mr. Burns

    You’re welcome, my brother. Maybe 2019 will bring some new faces … and old faces. Maybe 2019 will see people giving up the dead horses they beat incessantly for want of better things than their outdated and never-relenting dogma produces. I’ll be too busy breathing fresh air to hold my breath, though. The Dismal Oubliette is no place to live. If I’m not mistaken, it was actually designed as a place to die.

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